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Our team consists of highly experienced and qualified specialists in the field of auto repair. We are not only true friends to each other, but also to You and Your car. We are happy to help you to solve the issue of any complexity. Please read more about our services by following the sections that might interest you.


When using the car, the schedule of necessary maintenance operations must be observed. For example, oil change in the engine, gearbox, in the differential and other components. Also, the replacement of oil, air, and fuel filters.

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Repair and maintenance of climate systems

We offer air conditioning filling with R134 and R1234 gas. In the event of a gas leak or other defect, we will find and eliminate the cause of the malfunction in the shortest possible way.

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Gearbox dynamic oil change

The gearbox is an important and costly component of the vehicle. High-quality and full-fledged service allows you to avoid breakdowns and expensive repairs. Dynamic change is a complete oil change in the gearbox. Such a change is only done using expensive equipment and the required expertise.

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Repair of electronics

Our technical centre offers repair service in case of any electronics malfunction.

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Starters and generators

Devices such as a starter or generator are very important elements of a vehicle. If the starter fails, it is impossible to start the engine. In the case of a defective generator, the car cannot produce energy to power all electrical systems.

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Together with our partners, we carry out professional turbo repairs, diagnostics of any kind of turbochargers, provide maintenance services and supply high-quality turbocharger parts. We offer both new and restored turbochargers. In this way, we can carry out repairs in the most effective way. We offer quick and high-quality repair of these devices on passenger cars, as well as their diagnostics. If the device suitable for your car is currently out of stock, the repair will take up to 3 days. Our team of qualified specialists will remove and install the turbo back on the car in the shortest possible time, following all the necessary instructions.

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The main aim of Chip tuning is to improve the factory characteristics of the vehicle, such as power and torque. We do this by changing the engine and gearbox control unit software.

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Before starting the repair, the most important thing is to carry out high-quality diagnostics and identify the exact cause of the malfunction. If only the consequence of the problem is repaired, not the cause, the repair can take significantly more time and money. For such works, a universal scanner (diagnostic device) is not always able to help. For high efficiency, we have in our arsenal a variety of diagnostic equipment of famous brands, for example:

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